When is the best time to lay sod?
Bermuda can be laid year round. Just keep in mind that the hotter the temperature outside is, the more water the sod requires. Fescue’s optimum time to plant is in the fall but also can be laid in the spring. We do not offer fescue during the summer.

How much water is required for new sod?
Newly laid sod needs water as soon as possible, winter or summer. Sod laid in the winter should be watered to prevent roots from drying out and then freezing. Usually, watering a few times for the first week or two after installation is adequate in winter months with sufficient rainfall. If we have a dry winter, you will need to check the new sod regularly for moisture. Sod laid in summer months should be watered immediately (within one hour of installation if at all possible). This minimizes the stress and browning of the sod. Same day watering is crucial. Daily watering (even 2x’s a day) for two weeks after installation of sod in the summer time is required. Adequate watering is necessary not only to penetrate the sod soil but also the dirt the sod is laid on. Lift the sod in different areas to check the moisture of the soil underneath.

How soon after I purchase sod do I need to lay it?
Sod is a perishable product and should be installed as soon as possible especially in the summer. During the summer, same day installation is recommended to ensure a beautiful green product. During the winter, Bermuda is dormant & same day installation is not required.

Do I need to fertilize new sod?
13-13-13 can be applied to the dirt before laying new sod but is not necessary. Our sod is fertilized regularly in the fields before cutting. You also can fertilize 2-4 weeks after installing new sod. Remember you might want to water in the fertilizer or apply before a rain.

How do I treat for weeds?
Not only should newly laid sod not need weed treatment, but we do not recommend spraying new sod for weeds. For established sod, there are two basic ways of taking care of weeds.
1.) Pre-emerge: applied as a preventative for weeds to keep as many from ever coming up.
2.) Post-emerge: used (usually a liquid) after weeds are already up. There are also two basic types of weeds – broadleaf & grassy. 2,4-D is commonly used for broadleaf & MSMA is used for grassy type weeds.

When can I mow my new sod?
You can mow as soon as it is rooted in. (if you can’t pull up a roll of sod). Rule of Thumb: Never mow more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at one time.